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Since 1985, Optima Heating and Cooling has serviced local businesses and homes in Ballarat.

Our licenced professionals have installed and maintained reliable heating, air conditioning, and split systems

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Our engineers will carefully assess your building and performance requirements before providing you with a customised heating and cooling solution. Every building is unique, which is why no two customers require the same solution.

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In most cases, gas heating generates lower running costs and is more environmentally friendly compared to electrical heating systems.

Running costs of your heating will vary depending on:

  • Where your heating ducts will be installed
  • Whether you choose an electric or gas heating system
  • The building size, ceiling height, window coverings and amount of insulation
  • The number of additional gas and other electrical appliances you have running

You can improve the efficiency of your electric or gas heating system in Ballarat by:

  • Turning off your heating system when no one is using your household or workplace
  • Installing insulation in your ceiling to improve heat retention
  • Sealing gaps around doorways and windows to prevent cold air coming in
  • Reducing the ‘set’ temperature – higher temperatures incur higher costs

In most cases, your refrigerated cooling systems can run through the same ductwork as your gas or electrical heater. Cooling systems like an evaporative cooler requires its own ductwork due to the air humidity and the specific duct layout required.

We strongly recommend you leave work like this to a trained professional. Installing and servicing climate control systems requires expert knowledge and training. Our licenced installers can provide you with a warranty for heating and cooling system installations in Ballarat.

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