DeLonghi radiators are made in Italy from high-quality, long-lasting materials to deliver a robust product that quickly heats up the room.

With an impressive 25-year warranty, an investment in a DeLonghi radiator is an investment for life.

Available in a range of looks, including steel panel and cast iron, there is a DeLonghi radiator to suit any style of home.

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DeLonghi Panel Radiators

DeLonghi radiators are favoured for their thermal efficiency and are made using high-quality, scratch and corrosion resistant materials.

Built with convector fins that deliver a faster warm-up time, DeLonghi radiators are suitable for any room in the house.

Available as linear or vertical panels in a range of widths, DeLonghi provides a flexible heating solution where space may be limited or a unique look is desired.

Depending on the size of the room you wish to heat, choose between single, compact, double or triple panels.

To learn more about incorporating DeLonghi panel radiators into your home or office, contact Optima today on 03 9331 6900. We’ll help you select the perfect radiators to deliver optimum comfort and warmth.