Immergas is Italy’s leading manufacturer of domestic gas boilers.

Producing a range of boilers including hybrid systems, heat pumps, condensing boilers and solar systems, Immergas has more than 50 years of industry experience, and their products are renowned world-wide for their reliability.

Many Immergas domestic gas boilers carry a five-year full parts and labour warranty.

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Energy Efficient Boilers from Immergas

Immergas boilers can run on either natural gas or LPG, making them highly efficient at generating hot water for a home’s hydronic heating system. In fact, Immergas condensing boilers offer efficiency ratings of over 97%.

Available in internal and external configurations, Immergas boilers are easy to install and come with an intelligent interface for simple control. 

For households looking to combine their domestic hot water with their hydronic heating system, Immergas offers combination boilers of unsurpassed quality.

Available in a range of configurations, Immergas’ combination boilers are suitable for homes with up to three hydronic zones.

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