Uponor is a leading European manufacturer of underfloor heating systems, and is regarded as a pioneer in the field.

Thanks to their innovative use of hard-wearing materials, Uponor’s underfloor heating systems can help to reduce running costs by up to 12%. 

When combined with energy efficient boilers and radiators, Uponor’s range of pipes and fittings deliver healthy, comfortable and energy efficient underfloor heating.

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Uponor Pipes & Fittings

Optima chooses to use Uponor for their superior range of pipes and fittings that can withstand tough onsite conditions and deliver lower heating costs.

Uponor’s products are constructed to guarantee reliability, and to keep maintenance costs to a minimum.

Uponor prides itself on providing corrosion resistant, strong and flexible systems for quick and easy installation. Their systems are also suitable for both new and old buildings.

To learn more about incorporating an Uponor underfloor heating system into your home, contact Optima today on 03 9331 6900. We’ll work with you to select the right pipes and fittings to deliver cosy warmth at an affordable price.