Ducted Evaporative Cooling System

Choose on one of the most efficient means of cooling - water evaporation.

Evaporative cooling, sometimes known as swamp cooling, takes advantage of one of the most efficient and oldest known means of cooling - water evaporation.

As an affordable form of ducted cooling, evaporative systems offer many benefits over other cooling solutions, particularly for homes and spaces that may not have a central air system or for those conscious about the environmental impact of their homes.

Ducted evaporative cooling is also flexible, giving users the choice of a window-mounted or portable cooling system, each providing its own benefits and each suited to different kinds of spaces.

Thanks to the way evaporative cooling systems are designed and the way they process and treat fresh air, evaporative cooling provides a reliable cooling solution for users who may be sensitive to allergens.

How Do Ducted Evaporative Cooling Systems Work?

Ducted evaporative cooling systems work by drawing fresh air from outside through special water-soaked pads. The air blows through the pads and is then cooled by evaporation before being circulated back into a room as cold, fresh air.

A ducted cooling unit is installed on the roof and connected to a series of outlets throughout the home, and a fan pushes the cooled air through the ductwork to deliver filtered, cool air.

Available as a portable or mounted system, evaporative cooling systems are suited to individual rooms and small spaces, and are ideal for spaces or homes without a central air system.

While a portable system has the distinct benefit of mobility, a mounted system can cool a much larger area and will save on floor space.

Beyond their simplicity and mobility, evaporative coolers are an extremely comfortable cooling option and provide many benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Ducted Evaporative Cooling?

Energy Efficient

The energy required to produce a significant amount of cooling is extremely low. In many cases, an evaporative cooling system needs less than half the energy required to run a full-size refrigerator.

Cost Effective

Evaporative air conditioning is the most affordable form of ducted cooling. These systems are generally less expensive than other types of cooling systems to install, and with lower running costs, they offer a long-term cost effective cooling solution.

Low Maintenance

Evaporative coolers are low maintenance, saving users both time and money. An evaporative cooling system requires no more than basic, regular cleaning and proper storage to ensure many years of happy, problem-free cooling.

Good for The Environment

Unlike traditional cooling systems, evaporative coolers don’t rely on refrigerants or chemical pollutants – only water and fresh air. This makes them a great option for people concerned about allergens. As it’s fresh air that gets filtered, the air conditioning won’t dry out your eyes or skin, and doesn’t blow nasty dust and allergens throughout the home.

Natural Airflow

Evaporative air conditioning relies on fresh air to operate, so it won’t recycle the stale air in your home. This also means you can leave your windows and doors open while your evaporative cooler is running, so you can enjoy the fresh air from your system, plus the natural outdoor breeze. 

Is Ducted Evaporative Cooling Right for Me?

Ducted evaporative cooling poses many benefits, particularly for those in smaller dwellings and those concerned about potential allergens.

Those looking for a fast and effective way to cool down the home may be attracted to the portable system, thanks to its quick and easy setup.

Evaporative air conditioners are also an attractive option for those seeking a system that is efficient, environmentally-friendly and allergy-friendly all at the same time. Plus, it’s well suited to both homes and businesses.

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