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For over 20 years we've provided reliable heating and cooling solutions to the residents of Geelong.

Our experts have installed and repaired a wide range of heaters and air conditioning systems for businesses and homes.

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Our licenced installers and engineers are committed to providing you with the best possible solution for climate control. They assess your building's unique design before carefully selecting a heating or cooling system for installation.

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Both systems can vary in terms of cost and efficiency. We've found that gas heating generates lower running costs than electrical and is more environmentally friendly.

Gas heating also has the tendency of heating up larger spaces far more effectively than electrical. If natural gas is unavailable, we have ways to ensure your new electrical heating system will run more efficiently with lower costs. 

The running costs of your heater will vary depending on a number of factors:

  • Where your ducts will be installed
  • Whether you choose a gas or electric heating system
  • The size, ceiling height, window coverings and level of insulation of your home or office
  • The number of additional gas and other electrical appliances you currently have running

You can improve the efficiency of your electric or gas ducted heating in Geelong by doing the following:

  • Turning off the system when no one is using your household or workplace
  • Installing insulation in your ceiling and walls to help retain heat
  • Sealing gaps around doorways and windows to prevent cold air from coming in
  • Reducing the ‘set’ temperature – higher temperatures incur higher costs

Refrigerated cooling systems can run through the same ductwork as your gas or electrical heater. However, cooling systems like an evaporative cooler will need its own ductwork due to the air humidity and the specific duct layout required.

Installing and servicing climate control systems requires expert knowledge and training that all of our installers and engineers have. If you are unlicenced or untrained, you put yourself in serious danger if you're attempting to install or repair a system by yourself. 

Our licenced and professional installers will provide you with a warranty for heating and cooling system installations and maintenance work carried out.

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