Hydronic Panel Heating

Choose Optima for a healthy and energy-efficient hydronic panel heating system.

For a healthy, energy-efficient and cost-effective heating system, choose hydronic panel systems from Optima. We can install stylish and quality-assured DeLonghi panels in your home or office.

For your peace of mind, every hydronic panel we install is backed by an extensive manufacturer’s warranty, so you’ll know it will see you through for many winters to come.

Evenly distributed heat for maximum comfort

Hydronic panel heating warms your home via radiant heat, which is far more efficient than ducted systems. This radiant heat is provided by hot water, which is heated by a boiler and pumped into tubing in the floor or panel.

Because of the way the heat is distributed, hydronic heating doesn’t dry out the air. It also delivers an even distribution of heat throughout the home, which means no more cold spots.

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The system preferred by industry experts

Homes in Europe – subject to much harsher winters than ours in Australia – have long used hydronic heating to stay warm in the colder months. Over the years, more Australian homes are turning to hydronic heating for the numerous benefits it provides.

  • It’s healthier, as no dust, bacteria or allergens are spread via ducts or vents. This is what makes hydronic heating the preferred choice for the health industry and heating experts
  • Your running costs are lower in comparison to gas ducted systems, making it a far more efficient heating option. A hydronic heating system will cost a minimum of 20% less to operate than a ducted system in a house with 2.7 metre ceilings
  • You can control the temperature in individual rooms, giving you greater flexibility and control over your usage
  • It’s highly versatile, and can be installed in virtually any room
  • It’s completely silent. With no fans, ducts or vents, hydronic heating is a discreet form of heating that can run without disturbing anyone 

Keep your energy costs down with hydronic heating

Thinking about installing healthy, energy-saving heating in your home? Contact our team today to discuss your project with our team of hydronic heating experts, and we’ll provide you with a free quote. 

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