Hydronic Slab & Underfloor Heating

Hydronic slab heating is a discreet and efficient form of total home heating.

Optima are the experts in installing gas-powered in-slab hydronic heating, which is regarded by many in the industry as one of the most luxurious and comfortable systems on the market. 

Although hydronic slab systems have a higher initial cost, their long lifetime and low running costs mean that you’ll save more over the long-term.  Furthermore, underfloor heating from Optima can significantly increase the value of your home, allowing you to reap the benefits long after it’s been installed. 

Our in-house engineers thoroughly check all plans, and we use only the highest quality boilers, piping and thermostats to deliver reliable hydronic heating systems

The system with one of the lowest running costs

Each year, more and more households are turning to underfloor heating for the numerous benefits it provides.

  • In-floor heating is truly invisible. Once fitted, the system fits seamlessly into your interior, and hides just like the wiring and cables in your home
  • It’s highly efficient and inexpensive to run, delivering the lowest running costs of any other heating system
  • It’s very low maintenance. Once installed, these systems can run for more than 25 years without any signs of wear and tear
  • In-floor heating is very clean. As a system that isn’t reliant on airflow, hydronic heating is an allergy-friendly solution. With no ducts, vents or fans, it doesn’t circulate bacteria, allergens or dust around the home

Choose the cleaner way to heat

Underfloor heating is comprised of three key components: the gas boiler, in-floor piping, and thermostat.

The outdoor Sime gas boiler unit heats the hot water, which is then pumped through Uponor piping which has been laid in coils throughout the slab. Radiant heat from the hot water warms the room efficiently and evenly to the temperature set on the thermostat. Individual thermostats may also be installed in each room for greater temperature control, allowing you to only warm the rooms you need.

As natural gas is a clean-burning fuel, hydronic heating is a much cleaner system than equivalent electrical systems. And with no moving parts, less maintenance is required, helping you to keep your costs down.

Also, browse hydronic panel heating systems for an energy efficient and cost saving solutions.

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