Split System Heating

Split System Heating provides clean, filtered air for homes and offices.

Enjoy cleaner air when you install a split system from Optima. With the added benefit of filtration, a split system removes nasty airborne particles from the air as they pass through the machine, making these units a particularly popular choice for allergy-sensitive individuals.

A suitable option for residential and commercial premises alike, Optima supplies and installs split system units from a range of leading brands, including:

Minimal power usage, maximum comfort

With the arrival of inverter technology, many newer split systems are not only quieter to run than conventional units, but they’re also far more efficient. This is because inverter units work to continuously regulate the temperature, resulting in a much smoother operation.

Standard heating operates on a stop/start program that uses full power until the appropriate temperature has been reached. With modern inverter units, heating is provided in response to fluctuations in room temperature, which minimises power usage, yet maximises your comfort.

Heating is therefore performed in much smaller increments, and uses approximately 35 per cent less power than standard units, making it much cheaper to run. 

Easy room heating with flexible control

Split systems can be installed in individual rooms, or throughout your premises via copper piping that’s connected to an outdoor condenser unit. With the benefit of individual room control, everyone can set their desired temperature, so no one has to compromise on their comfort.

Interested in a versatile split system heating solution?

For efficient installation of a brand new split system, contact Optima today. We can install residential systems within 10 days of you contacting us. 

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