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At Optima, we offer full-fledged services from consultations, to installation and also aftercare. We wouldn’t have been able to bring you optimum heating and cooling solutions without our optima team. We carry 20 years of service and are well equipped with the old, current and the new because our team is well adapted to the changing times and climates. We work together to bring you optimum comfort that lasts.

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Frequently asked questions


Can I install or service my system myself?

No. Installing and servicing a climate control system is highly specialised. Installation or repairs undertaken without proper training and certification can not only be costly, but they can also be dangerous, leading to serious health and safety risks for you and your

Can I run cooling through the same ductwork as my heater?

Adequately sized or designed for add-on refrigerated cooling can be run through the same ductwork as gas or electrical heating. However, evaporative cooling needs its own ductwork due to the air humidity and the specific duct layout it requires.

How can I reduce the cost of my heater?

You can improve the efficiency of your electric and gas ducted heating by doing the following: Turning off the system when members of your household are sleeping or out of the house Installing insulation in your ceiling and walls

How much does it cost to run my heater?

Running costs will vary greatly, depending on a number of factors: The design of your house or office, including its size, celling height, window coverings and level of insulation Whether you choose a gas or electric heating system