Cost-effective heating and cooling solutions for Melbourne businesses.

Through our commercial division, Optima provides heating and cooling solutions to Melbourne businesses across projects of any size and scale.  Our specialist engineers can evaluate and recommend the best heating for small shop spaces to large-scale office buildings. We recognise the unique system requirements for commercial building designs and deliver solutions to any specifications.

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Tailored commercial solutions

We understand that businesses don't want to waste time installing and maintaining commercial air conditioning. That's why we design commercial heating and cooling systems that keep you, your employees, and your clients comfortable in the most cost-effective, fuss-free manner possible. We cater to your cooling and heating needs effectively for any commercial project.

Specialist capabilities from Optima

Whether a small shop or even a building, Optima can provide customized air conditioning installations for industries with specific requirements as a specialist in hydronic heating. Hydronic heating systems do not transport bacteria or allergens, making them a perfect commercial heating option for hospitals, laboratories, and medical clinics.

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