Choose cooling that's easy to maintain and inexpensive to run.

As energy bills continue to rise, it's essential to choose a system that works efficiently over the long term. Our team of consultants and engineers will work with you to find a solution that best suits your needs.

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Stay cool, stay comfy, and beat the Melbourne heat

Stay cool and relax with Optima-installed air conditioning and cooling systems. Whether you're looking to cool an individual room, house, or an entire building, we always deliver superior solutions installed by our experienced engineers and installers.
Ducted Evaporative

Peace of mind

It's essential to match your new cooling system to the size of the room. Optima will work with you to ensure you select a system that suits you best, so you don't overspend. Our team of engineers and installers will assess your plans and consider the room size, building insulation, and position of your windows, to ensure a system that will keep you cool.

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