Reverse Cycle Ducted Heating

Reverse Cycle  Ducted Heating

An energy bills continue to rise, it’s more important than ever to choose a system that works efficiently, is easy to maintain, and inexpensive to run over the long term. Our team of in-house engineers will work with you to find the system that best suits your needs, and with our strong supplier relationships, we’ll always provide you with the best price for the best system.

How Do Ducted Evaporative Cooling Systems Work?

Ducted evaporative cooling systems work by drawing fresh air from outside through special water-soaked pads. The air blows through the pads and is then cooled by evaporation before being circulated back into a room as cold, fresh air.

A ducted cooling unit is installed on the roof and connected to a series of outlets throughout the home, and a fan pushes the cooled air through the ductwork to deliver filtered, cool air.

Available as a portable or mounted system, evaporative cooling systems are suited to individual rooms and small spaces, and are ideal for spaces or homes without a central air system.

While a portable system has the distinct benefit of mobility, a mounted system can cool a much larger area and will save on floor space.

Beyond their simplicity and mobility, evaporative coolers are an extremely comfortable cooling option and provide many benefits.

Evaporative System

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