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Split system air conditioning makes for a very comfortable cooling option. Split systems offer an allergy and asthma-friendly home cooling method that won’t dry out the air thanks to their filtration capabilities.

Well-suited to both homes and businesses alike, split systems are ideal for buildings and spaces where ductwork is inefficient or non-existent. They come in various sizes to suit areas as small as a bedroom or as large as an open-plan office space.

Optima supplies and installs split system Air Conditioners from some of the industry’s most recognised names, including:

  • Daikin
  • Brivis
  • Mitsubishi
  • Braemar
  • Toshiba
  • Actron Air

How Does Split System Cooling Work?

Split system air conditioning refers to an air conditioning system in which the compressor unit and the fan coil unit – the core components of a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system – are separated.

Typically, a unit housing the air conditioner’s compressor and condenser is placed outside of the room you wish to cool, and one or multiple indoor units are typically mounted on your walls inside. The user thus can control the temperature of each room individually.

The split system’s indoor unit blows cool air around the room, while the outdoor unit dispels the hot air from inside. The unit uses refrigerants to cool the air being distributed inside.

With a reverse cycle setting, split system air conditioners can keep you warm during the colder months, too, so you can maintain a comfortable temperature all year round.

As a result, split system air conditioning has become a popular choice amongst homeowners looking for cooling and heating solutions, especially once you consider the system’s relatively low cost and noise emission.

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Benefits of Split System Air Conditioning

Aside from the significant savings to be made with split system cooling, many people are drawn to this system for its versatility.

With the ability to both heat and cool, you can enjoy using your split system all year round.
Modern Design
As they’re wall-mounted, split systems are well suited to apartments, rooms with limited window space, and buildings lacking central HCAV systems. Current models are also available in a range of modern designs to complement your home.
Multi-zone Control
Available in multi-zone models, split systems allow you to program separate settings for up to four rooms using only one outdoor condenser unit. This can help you save significantly on running costs, as you’re only heating occupied rooms.
Convenience is key to the appeal of split system air conditioning units. With a single condenser and compressor unit located outside the home or building, you can have multiple wall-mounted air conditioning heating and cooling units.
Allergy Friendly
Split systems are also well-suited to allergy-prone households, as the system’s filters remove allergens, dust, humidity, and impurities from the air, ensuring you breathe only clean air when you use the system.
Quick & Easy Installation
This is a quick and easy installation for an accredited air-conditioning specialist like Optima. We provide a cost-effective cooling method, and each individual air-conditioning unit has its own easy-to-use remote control, putting your ideal temperature at your fingertips.

Is a Split System suitable for me?

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to choosing a split air conditioner. However, as there are many different kinds of cooling systems on the market, it may be difficult to figure out which option is best for your particular space.

Split system air conditioning can be installed in lots of different spaces and are able to efficiently cool everything from a small bedroom to a large studio space and in between. They are also a particularly desirable option for those in smaller dwellings.

As a wall-mounted system, split systems are ideal for apartments, rooms with limited to no window space, and buildings lacking central HVAC systems.

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