Refrigerated Cooling Air Conditioning System

Refrigerated cooling for every room in your home

Refrigerated Air Conditioning Systems include both heating and cooling, giving you control over the temperature settings.

Refrigerated cooling acts as a refrigerator, removing hot air in the room and sending it outside via a series of pipes. The air is then cooled by a refrigerant gas and sent back into the room.

In the cooler months, the mechanism reverses to circulate warm air, providing a highly economical form of heating.

Why Choose Refrigerated Cooling Air Conditioning?

Refrigerated systems won’t interfere with the aesthetics of your home. It’s also extremely quiet and acts as a dehumidifier and filter for the entire home, feeding clean air back into the rooms.  

As a reverse cycle system, it’s also a highly efficient way to maintain a comfortable temperature in the home all year round.

Zoning control can also be installed on refrigerated systems, leading to greater energy efficiency and maximum comfort for the whole household. Zone control lets you set different temperatures in every room of your home or office. You may choose not to cool unused rooms, which can help you save on energy costs. A room full of guests or a kitchen at dinner time may require a lower temperature setting than a bedroom at night time.

Refrigerated cooling acts as a dehumidifier. When air passes over the coil in the internal unit, moisture from the warm indoor air is drained away.

They’re versatile. With the ability to combine your refrigerated cooling system with ducted heating, you can enjoy year-round comfort

Refrigerated cooling can maintain comfortable temperatures indoors, even with extreme temperatures outside


Find the System That Suits You

Matching the power of your refrigerated cooling system to your home or building is crucial. An undersized unit may have to work harder to produce the desired temperature, burning more energy and eventually tearing itself out. An oversized unit may also unnecessarily increase your energy bills. Our team of engineers will carry out a thorough assessment of your home or office to ensure you receive a refrigerated cooling system that best meets your needs.

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