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What is gas ducted heating?

Ducted gas heating is comprised of several key components: the heater, insulated ducts, vents, and the thermostat.

Gas ducted heating works by heating air in a gas-fired central heating unit. This air is then circulated throughout the home through a series of insulated ducts. A fan pushes the warm air out into vents which are strategically placed in ceilings and floors around the premises, resulting in a steady supply of warm air.

Depending on your home, the central heat exchanger may be installed in either the ceiling or under the floor, making it a very discreet system.

The thermostat, which is usually installed in the main living area, constantly monitors the temperature, and controls the central heat exchanger to ensure the desired temperature is maintained. Once the desired temperature has been reached, the heat exchanger turns off, and the remaining heat in the unit is then used to heat your home as the fan slows down.

Gas Heating System

Why choose a gas ducted system?

Ducted gas systems deliver significant savings on running costs.

With the benefit of room-by-room settings, you can control how much energy you use and which rooms you heat so you won’t need to waste energy heating unoccupied rooms, or rooms where people are comfortable without heating. This will not only save you money over the long term, but it can also assist in reducing your household’s carbon footprint. Plus, heating just the occupied rooms will allow you to reach your desired temperature sooner!

The system’s central heating until will also switch off its burners once your home reaches its pre-set temperature. The remaining heat in the unit is then used to heat the home, meaning that the system only uses energy when your home is below your desired temperature.

Gas is also a much cleaner form of energy, producing far less carbon dioxide than coal, making it an environmentally-friendly choice of heating. And thanks to the relatively stable price of gas, it’s also inexpensive to run.

All gas ducted heating systems come with an energy-efficient rating, as provided by the Australian Gas Association.

Optima also supplies star-rated energy efficient systems that indicate how much energy each system uses. A higher star rating means a more energy efficient system, which also means bigger savings on running costs.

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Gas Heating System

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