Optima specialises in a wide range of residential and commercial heating options.

Our expert installers work closely with our in-house engineers to ensure you receive the system that’s just right for your premises. With many years of experience in the industry and a wide range of suppliers, we’re able to install every type of system.

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Heating And Air Conditioning

Maximise your comfort in your new home

Maximise you comfort in your new home by calling Optima before you build. Our engineers will review your plans and discuss the best type of system to suit your home and budget.

We’ll recommend a range of solutions that are efficient, cost-effective and provide the highest level of comfort for you and your household.

Specialists in efficient and hygienic hydronic heating

We specialise in hydronic heating, one of the most hygienic and efficient systems available.

Radiant warmth is distributed throughout the home via radiators or in-floor tubing. Because hydronic heating doesn’t pump air throughout the home, it doesn’t spread bacteria or dust, making it an allergy-friendly option.

Hydronic heating - both radiator and in-floor – can be installed in both new and existing homes.

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